Saturday, August 18, 2012



Vegetables: Any vegetable except onion and drumstick (raw banana is a must). Usually it is done with a mix of several vegetables.
Tamarind                                :  a lemon sized ball
Manjapodi/Turmeric Powder  :  1 spoon
Vellam/ Jaggery                      :  a small piece
Salt                                         :  to taste
Grated Coconut                      :  4-5 tblsp
Red chillies                             :  3-4 for a cup of vegetables (for medium spice)
Urad dal                                  :  1 tsp
Raw rice                                  :  1/2 Tsp
Curry Leaves                           :   a few
Oil                                            :  for frying and tempering.
Mustard                                    :  1 tsp

Cut vegetables in big sizes as for sambar. 
Extract  tamarind pulp. To this add  haldi + salt + lil jaggery and cook the vegetables.
Fry coconut very well.
Separately fry red chillis + urad dal + little rice + curry leaves.
Grind the red chillis and coconut to fine paste.
Add this paste to cooked vegetables and boil it once. Add curry leaves to this.
Season this with mustard + 1 red chilli.
This goes well with Thiruvadhirai Kali as well as hot rice.

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