Friday, August 17, 2012

Chuttu araicha kuzambu

Ingredients (To cook for 4-5 people):

Fresh/ dry/ stale coconut        :1/2 coconut
Red chilli                                 :  4/5 nos.
Jeera                                       : 1 teaspoon
Vegetables that may be used for this are - Onion (both regular or sambar onion); Potato; Lady finger; Drumstick; Pumpkin. You may use one or few or all of these vegetables - as required
Tamarind Juice                         : as required
Turmeric Powder
Curry Leaves
Mustard Seeds

Cut coconut into big pieces and roast it till slightly black on direct flame.
Dry roast red chilli + jeera.
Grind the roasted coconut with the red chilli and jeera into fine paste.
Cut the desired vegetables into pieces like for sambar.
Cook the vegetables along with turmeric powder, tamarind juice and salt till the vegetables are cooked and soft. Then add the coconut paste with little water. The consistency of this kozhambu is slightly thick. Once the kozhambu starts frothing, remove from gas and season it with fresh curry leaves and mustard seeds.
This kozhambu will be slightly black.
Note: Coconuts that have been used for lighting deepam during Pooja can also be raosted and used for this kuzambu.

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