Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Mor Koozh/ Mor kaLi

Rice flour                            1 Cup
Sour buttermilk/curd.           1 Cup
Powdered asafeoida            about half a teaspoon
Mor milagai                         1 or 2
Mustard seeds and curry leaves for seasoning.
A tablespoonful of edible oil for seasoning.
Salt to taste.

Mix rice flour, salt, asaofetida powder and sour butter milk adding a little water if required to bring it to a homogeneous mixture of a pouring consistency (dosai batter consistency). 

Pour a tablespoon of oil in a kadai/frying pan heating it in a medium flame. Add mustard seed and allow it to splutter. Add Mor milagai and fry till dark brown in color. Add curry leaves and stir. 

Pour the rice/buttermilk mixture and continue to stir till the batter thickens to the consistency of halwa. 

To test whether it is properly cooked take a teaspoonful of the thickened batter and flatten it on a plate. Try rolling it when it cools. If it is sticky cook it for some more time. If it can be rolled into a neat ball then it is ready to be served.

Tips- 1.Maida can be used as an alternative to rice flour.
        2.The batter can be thick like idly batter instead of a pouring consistency in which case it will be like uppuma instead of halwa and is called Mor kali instead of mor koozhu. However in this case maida cannot be used.
Recipe provided by Padma Ramachandran.

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