Thursday, August 16, 2012


Tur dal                  1 cup
Tomato                 1 large - sliced into two parts
Turmeric               ½ tsp
Mensina pudi         2 tsp (recipe here)
Tamarind              large marble size
Jaggery                ½ tsp
Chopped coriander leaves 
Curry leaves
Seasoning: ghee, mustard, hing

Cook tur dal and tomato and turmeric in a pressure cooker till well done.
Carefully remove the tomato, release skin and mash pulp. Return tomato pulp to cooked dal and stir into a nice homogenous mix.
Add mensina pudi, and tamarind pulp. Add water. 
Boil on high for 7 minutes till the raw smell of the mensina pudi is gone. Add jaggery and salt and bring to boil again. 
Add curry leaves and Corainder leaves.
For seasoning, heat ghee in a small pan. Splutter mustard seeds and very little hing. 
Add to saaru and stir and cover immediately. Serve hot.
This should make 4 cups of saaru.
You can vary the jaggery to taste. 

Recipe courtesy: Ratna Rao (via Dailysamayal)

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