Friday, August 17, 2012

Ottuk kootu


Vazhaikai (Raw plantain)  1
Chenai (Elephant yam)     ¼ kg
Pepper   corns                 1 tsp
Grated coconut                2 tblsp
Mustard                          ½  tsp
Urad dal                          2 tsp
Hing                                a pinch (or  a small piece fried and powdered)
Oil                                   for frying the urad dal and pepper and for tempering
Coconut oil                      a tblsp (optional)
Curry leaves                    a few
Salt                                 to taste
Rice flour                        1 spoon
Cut the vegetables into bite- size  bits and boil in enough water. Add salt.
Fry urad dal and pepper in a little oil, add fresh grated coconut and grind together to  a paste.
Add to the boiled vegetables. Add required quantity of water to make a kootu-like gravy and let the mix boil.
After the mix boils well, mix rice flour in a little water and add in case you need to thicken the gravy.
Heat oil. Add mustard and  curry leaves and pour over the kootu.
Add a spoon of coconut oil and mix well.
Serve with hot rice and papadam.

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