Thursday, August 16, 2012

Araichu vita Kuzambu

Vegetable                                       Diced into bite sized pieces
Tamarind  pulp                               from tamarind the size of a lemon            
 Ellu/sesame seeds Til                   1 tsp
Dhania                                           2 tsp
Kadalai Paruppu/Channa dal         1 tsp
Thuvaram paruppu/ Tur dal           2 tsp
Vendayam / Methi seeds                1/4 tsp
Vathal Milagai / Dried red chillies   4 0r 5 (medium spice)
Perungayam/Asafoetida                 If it is hard fry it in oil first or use a pinch of powder
Grated Coconut                             2 tblsp
Kariveppilai/ Curry Leaves            A few
Vellam/ Jaggery                             a small piece (optional) or 1 tsp of jaggery powder
Extract juice of tamarind
Fry the ellu (sesame seeds) in a dry pan separately and transfer it to the blender cup.
In a little oil,  fry Dhania , channa dhall , thuvar dhall , methi , red chillis 4 and perungaym (preferably katti perungayam which u can fry first in the oil)
Then fry grated coconut separatey till it becomes golden.
Blend all the fried ingredients into a smooth paste.
Boil  the vegetable(s) in tamarind juice with salt and karuveppilai atleast for 15 to 20mts. 
Then add the ground paste, mix it well and bring it to boil.  
Some may like to add some vellam also towards the end.  
There is no need for additional tempering..
If you add paruppu( dal) to this, it wll be like araichu vitta sambar, in which case you may have to use more puli & masala. 
But without the paruppu itself it tastes good and can be carried over too.  It can be had with rice and with curry and poricha appalam or vadam :).  This can make a good side dish also.

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