Thursday, August 16, 2012

Arisi Payasam

Raw Rice (Long Grain Rice)               : 1/4 Cup
Freshly grated coconut)                      : 1/4 Cup
Vellam (Powdered Jaggery)                : 1 Cup
Boiled Milk)                                         : 1 Cup
Elakkai (Cardamom)                           : 6 Pods
Cashewnut bits                                   : a fistful
Ghee)                                                  : 2 teaspoons

Preparation Method:
1) Soak the rice in one cup of water for about an hour.
2) Remove outer pods from the cardamom and powder it fine
 3) Fry the cashewnut bits in Ghee
4) Coarsely grind the rice (until Rava-like consistency) using the soaked water.
5) In a saucepan, take 2 cups of water, add the grated coconut and ground rice. Mix well and cook on medium flame, stirring continuously, until the rice is cooked. The rice should be soft and mash-worthy
6) Add the powdered jaggery, stir until it melts and gets mixed completely
7) Add the powdered cardamom and fried cashews and turn off the flame
8) Just before serving, add the milk (additional milk can be put in if you desire a more liquid consistency) and heat on medium flame for two minutes.

Recipe Courtesy: ICANCOOK (Via Dailysamayal)

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