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Puli kachal / puliyodharai / puliyogare gojju

Basic puli kachal:

Tamarind                          : Size of large lemon
Red chillies                      : 10 - 12 (broken to bits)
Curry leaves                    : one or two sprigs
Gingelly oil                       : 1/2 cup
Urad dal                           : 2 tsp
Channa dal                      : 2 tsp
Jaggery                            : a small piece
Methi seeds                     : 1 tsp dry fried and powdered.

Preparation method:

Heat oil in a pan. Add urad dal and channa dal. When they turn dark pink, add red chillies and curry leaves.
Extract thick pulp from tamarind soaked in water and pour it over the seasoning.
Add salt and jaggery and let the mixture reduce to a thick pulp and the oil float on top.
This should take about 12- 15 minutes on a medium low flame.
Add the methi powder and switch off.
This can be preserved and used as and when needed.

When you need to make tamarind rice,
cook rice . The grains should be separate and not stick to the fingers.
Spread it on a plate and add enough puli kachal to the rice and mix well.
Heat oil in a pan. Add channa dal , and pea nuts and fry till they turn red.
Add curry leaves and pour over the rice.
Mix well.

Method 2:
Basic puli kachal recipe is the same.

Additionally you make a powder with the following ingredients:
dhaniya seeds                                  : 1/2 cup
urad dal                                            :  2 tblsp
Channa dal                                       :  2 tblsp
Sesame seeds / Til                           :  2 tblsp

Dry fry the sesame seeds till they pop well. Set aside.
In a little oil fry t dhaniya seeds till it lets out  agood aroma.
Fry the dalls till they turn golden.
Powder all the ingredients together .

While mixing the rice, add a few spoons of this powder along with the pulki kachal and then season as above.
You can also fry 1/4 cup dry coconut and garnish.

Method 3:
Recipe courtesy ICANCOOK via dailysamayal


Raw Tamarind (Puli) - One Cup (exact measure - Oru Saathukudi Alavu - size of one Musambi)
Gingelly Oil (Nallennai) - One cup
Jaggery (Vellam) - 0.25 Cup
Mustard Seeds (Kadugu) - 1 tsp + 1 Tbsp
Bengal Gram Dal (Kadalai Paruppu) - 1 Tbsp
Curry Leaves (Kariveppilai) - One bunch
Turmeric Powder (Manjal Podi) - 1 tsp
Salt (Uppu) - To Taste

The following ingredients are to be dry roasted and ground into a coarse powder:
Black gram dal (Ulutham Paruppu) - 1 Tbsp
Raw deskinned peanuts (Kadalai) - 1 Tbsp
Fenugreek seeds (Vendhayam) - 1 Tbsp
Whole Black Pepper (Milagu) - 2 Tbsp
Coriander Seeds (Kothamallivirai) - 4 Tbsp
Dry Red Chillies (Milagai Vatral) - about 10 (more if a spicier version is desired)
Asafoetida (Perungayam) - 1 Tbsp

Prepare the masala powder using the ingredients listed above
Soak the Tamarind in a small quantity of warm water and extract thick juice
Place a heavy bottomed Wok on medium heat and add a ladleful (about 5 Tbsp) of Gingelly Oil
Add one Tsp. of mustard seeds and ten red chillies. Wait for the chillies to fry and crackle
Add the tamarind juice to the pan and allow to cook until the raw smell goes away
Add the jaggery and mix well
Add the prepared powder, salt to taste and turn off the heat

In a tempering pan, heat the remaining Gingelly Oil
Add 1 Tbsp of Mustard Seeds, 1 Tbsp of Bengal Gram Dal and the Curry Leaves. Allow the mixture to crackle
Pour this over the tamarind mixture, mix well and return the mixture to medium heat until it comes to a rolling boil. Turn off the heat

Optional: One Tbsp of Sesame Seeds (Ellu) can be dry roasted and ground into a powder separately and added to the Tamarind mixture along with the tempering

To Prepare Puliyodharai (Tamarind Rice):
Cook the required quantity of rice
Add one Tbsp of Gingelly Oil and allow the rice to cool to slightly above room temperature level
Add one Tsp of Turmeric Powder, the required quantity of Puli Kaaichal and salt to taste (if needed)
Mix well, taking care to allow the rice grains to stay separate without forming a lumpy mass

Serve with Appalam/Vadam/Chips

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