Monday, September 3, 2012


This is a speciality in Kumbakonam hotels. It is sometimes even called Kumbakonam Kadappa.
This is served with dosa and idli and is a great combination for chapatis.

Garlic                                  : 100 g
Cinnamon/ lavanga Pattai     : 10 g
Clove                                  : 3
Onions                                :  300 gm
Potato                                 :  300 g
Moong Dal                          :  200 g
Fried Gram/Pottukadalai      : 50 g ( abt 4 table spoons)
Green chillies                       : 10/ 12
Corainder leaves
Coconut                              :half cup
poppy seeds/ gasagasa        : 20 gm ( 4 tsp) soak the gasagasa for a few minutes before grinding.
Turmeric powder                : 1/2 tsp

Cook the dal in sufficient water.
Boil potatoes and crumble them.
Grind fried gram, coconut, 4 cloves garlic, 20 g gasgasa and green chillies.
Heat oil and fry 4 cloves garlic. Add cinnamon and cloves.
Add onions and fry. Now add the water in which the dal  was cooked.. Add salt, turmeric powder, crumbled alu and the ground paste.
Bring to boil and remove from stove.
Add juice of a lemon.

This recipe is from the famous Madras cook Arusuvai Natarajan.

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